Triomph Private Security offers a wide variety of security solutions for all of our clients’ needs. Be it on-site, mobile, permanent, temporary, visible, discreet, our personnel, or just our training principles, TRIOMPH, PRIVATE SECURITY answers the call.

Armed Guard Services – This most elevated of responses is meant for those clients who require that extra level of security. That’s where Triomph Private Security armed protection comes in. All of our agents are thoroughly vetted and given a comprehensive background check. All required firearms certifications are always kept up to date for them to be on active duty.

Unarmed Guard Services – Having our uniformed guards on-site in and of itself acts as a deterrent for malicious activity. Backing this visual presence up with the skills and knowledge to properly secure an area/respond to any situation that does arise provides our clients with the utmost level of protection. It’s the perfect solution for situations where firearms are not needed.

Vehicular Patrols – The two most crucial responsibilities of a security force are deterrent and response. The visibility provided by our fleet of Triomph Private Security vehicles, combined with our uniformed agents, acts as immediate and effective deterrent for those up to no good. This mobility also provides a means for swift and direct response from our agents to our clients’ interests. Be it a single location or a sprawling compound, we provide the coverage required to meet our clients’ needs.
Loss Prevention – For a retail client, there is nothing worse than merchandise walking out the front door. TRIOMPH, PRIVATE SECURITY’s Loss Prevention agents will see to it that doesn’t happen. They will monitor the sales floor undetected as they watch for anything that looks suspicious or out of the norm. Our extensive and constantly updated training will give them knowledge of scam trends and security exploitations criminals are currently implementing. Our clients can rest assured their inventory will be in safe hands.

Special Events – Full time security isn’t required for all clients; some only need it for specific occasions. These clients will find TRIOMPH, PRIVATE SECURITY offers the same level of service and excellence to them as to their most comprehensive clients. When an event is important to you, it’s of the utmost importance to us. TRIOMPH, PRIVATE SECURITY agents will conduct themselves with utmost decorum while maintaining a secure environment for your event.

Security Training – This is where TRIOMPH, PRIVATE SECURITY got its start and still prides itself most. We offer comprehensive training at our in-home training center. We know the importance of an on-point staff, so not only do our staff receive our extensive training, we still offer it to outside companies as well. Our training center is a one-stop shop, offering everything down to guard card training and Live Scan fingerprinting. All trainees are treated as if they will be donning the TRIOMPH, PRIVATE SECURITY uniform upon graduation — we train them as if they will be joining our ranks because they are already part of our team. Regardless of the insignia worn after graduation, TRIOMPH, PRIVATE SECURITY believes all security agents should have the best training possible.

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