Janitorial/Cleaning Services

As with all aspects of TRIOMPH, PRIVATE SECURITY, service and customer satisfaction is paramount with our available janitorial/cleaning programs. Through in­depth and reliable facility services, TRIOMPH, PRIVATE SECURITY maintains the performance, lifespan and value of your physical assets. An unkempt workplace can effect the performance of machinery, employee productivity and attitude, as well as unnecessarily increase overhead costs. Unlike some other services, you won’t have to wonder who is doing the actual work ­­ rest assured it will be a TRIOMPH, PRIVATE SECURITY sanitation engineer coming to your location, not a sub­contractor. Our staff is verified and background checked. You’ll benefit from increased efficiencies, savings, and peace of mind knowing TRIOMPH, PRIVATE SECURITY staff is on- site.

We are your 24/7, 365­day provider for all commercial cleaning service needs. TRIOMPH, PRIVATE SECURITY is the source for anything from a one­time service call to an ongoing maintenance program. We operate statewide, so if you require multiple services – even in multiple regions – we can provide across­the­board expertise for commercial cleaning (in addition to any of our other services you need), to any and all of your locations. All services provided by TRIOMPH, PRIVATE SECURITY will be laid out plainly and conveniently in a single contract.

At TRIOMPH, PRIVATE SECURITY, we believe in everything being clearly agreed upon from the very start. Beginning with the RFP, you tell us what your needs are and pricing is based on meeting those needs. There will be no padding charges or recommending unnecessary services ­­ we always look for ways to reduce extraneous costs and offer the most practical service plan. Expense will be as minimal as possible, and certainly well­invested. Our clients believe that the benefits of using TRIOMPH, PRIVATE SECURITY are unsurpassed.

Often times cleaning a space employs techniques that aren’t as environmentally friendly. That is NOT the case with TRIOMPH, PRIVATE SECURITY; we use a green approach to bring you a superior end result. We only use the latest in eco- friendly products, and our measures are such to minimize waste produced and electricity required. Our emphasis on green practices in cleaning can help you meet your own social responsibility goals. We don’t just offer clean, we offer green clean!

We’re only happy when you’re happy, so quality and customer satisfaction are guaranteed.

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