About US

Triomph Private Security is a full-service private security firm, based in Los Angeles and serving the state of California. TRIOMPH, PRIVATE SECURITY provides armed/unarmed security services, marked vehicle patrols (including bicycle and marine patrols), alarm response services, armed executive/celebrity services, special event security, and environmental services. We operate a 24-hour Dispatch Center and extensive support for all TRIOMPH, PRIVATE SECURITY agents to handle any incident at your site. Our agents are trained in house and subject to a comprehensive vetting process.

We know that all success starts with the effort and skills of our staff. It’s a lesson TRIOMPH, PRIVATE SECURITY took to heart from its inception as a guard training and placement agency. All Triomph Private Security’ employees are trained in, and given the necessary tools for, the implementation and management of comprehensive safety and security programs. Our agents can adapt and respond to whatever situation needed to provide our clients with top tier protection.

TRIOMPH, PRIVATE SECURITY offers a full scope of services to provide our clients with a complete security solution. Our representatives work with our clients to custom tailor a program to meet their needs. Customer satisfaction is key; anything less than excellence is not accepted in the eyes of Triomph Private Security.

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